Ledger Live Download - Guide to Ledger live app - Download

Download Ledger Live, the official app for Ledger hardware wallets, and access crypto, NFT, and DeFi. Buy, swap, stake, manage, and pay with your crypto securely and easily.

Ledger Live Download - Guide to Ledger live app - Download

This is a software application for your trusted hardware wallet. The application manages to cover your IP Address from the hacker through its exceptional wallet features. This wallet generally combines all the transactions on the wallet as one making it hard for hackers to track down the wallet address. Now do understand the exceptional features of the wallet that will surely elevate all of your crypto trading experience. Through our guide below, we will go through the procedures that one needs to go through the set up their account. Before we move further in this lane, you must install the software wallet application called Ledger Live to your device as it is necessary.

Guide to Ledger live app download

To begin using the wallet, you will need to install a wallet application, the name of the application is the Ledger Live. Even though it is a hardware wallet, you should have this application installed either on your laptop or mobile or both of them. This application works to fill the gap between the offline ledger wallet world and the online crypto industry. However, due to the increasing crime rates, it has become difficult for the people to people to install real and official applications. As there are too many of the clone applications in the market. To spread awareness about the installation of the official application, here is a guide on how you can achieve this.

  1. The initial step is to decide on the device you would prefer to install the application first.

  2. Next, use the link we give you here https://www.ledger.com/ledger-live, or find it yourself on the official website of Ledger.

  3. Then, click the Download App button, or scan the given QR Code, as you may please.

  4. Once you click on the button, it will provide you with options for the device you might be using. And will ask you to select the type of device you are on.

  5. After the selection, the application download will begin.

  6. Check on the download progress in the toolbar of your browser.

The installation of Ledger Live will take less than a minute to complete. Thus, we hope that you finally have the official application installed on your device.

Setting up the Ledger Wallet

This is the wallet setup procedure, and you need to execute the said procedure with the utmost precaution. This is a hardware wallet, so it is already implied that the steps on account setup are a lot more different than the others. So, here is the explanatory guide for you, explaining the wallet setup in full detail in the simplest way possible. Thus, take a look at the procedure right below:

  1. Unbox the ledger device and take your hardware wallet with the given USB Cable as well.

  2. Now, with the USB cable connect your wallet to the laptop.

  3. On the laptop open the link ledger.com/start and it will direct you to the installation page.

  4. The page on the laptop will prompt you to install the Ledger Live software application.

  5. Finish the installation and then click open it.

  6. Press the button of ‘Connect Ledger Wallet’.

  7. Then set your login PIN as per the adhered security standards.

  8. Disconnect and reconnect the wallet with your laptop.

  9. Now, the wallet screen will show you the seed phrase of the account.

  10. Scribble down the exact seed on the sheet you received with the box. Make no spelling mistakes and use the buttons on the wallet to move toward the next word.

After this simple execution of the procedure, you will have your fresh ledger account with you. Then, you can initiate operating the wallet. To learn about the buying, sending, or staking processes, you need to take a look at the educational resources of the wallet.

Performing the Ledger live login procedure

Through this article segment, we will provide detailed guidance on the procedure using the wallet software application. We've tried to simplify the login guide for you for a better understanding. Therefore, you will not face any issues during the login process. And here are the guided steps for wallet login.

  1. First you need to plug in the wallet device, with the original USB Cable you received with the wallet box.

  2. Next, on the device you've connected the wallet open the software wallet application of Ledger Live. If the application is not on your device, then install it on your device.

  3. Next, turn your Ledger device on.

  4. Enter the login PIN on the screen.

  5. If you've enabled the fingerprint sensor and the 2-factor authentication, then enable it as well.

With the five simple steps, you will complete the login procedure easily.

Summing it Up!

We certainly hope that you understand the procedures you will have to go through if you would like to use this wallet. Also, we remind you again that is necessary for people to have the Ledger Live application. Without the use of this application, you cannot even log in to your wallet device. To learn further about this wallet and the features it has, take a look at the official website https://www.ledger.com/ for the answers.

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